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Stalked by the Rare Hunters


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Episode Information
Episode Number55
First AiredDecember 14, 2002

Average Rating:7
Number of Votes Cast:13 
Episode Rank:124 
When Joey finds out about Battle City, he and Yugi head to the Game Shop where the duelling systems can be obtained. But while Yugi is ranked as a 5 star duellist and qualifies for the tournament, Joey is only a 1 star duelist, and is not eligable for the tournament, until the store owner sees that he has a Red-Eyes in his deck and changes his rank. However as Joey heads over to the hospital where Serenity is about to have her operation, he is attacked and challenged to a duel using Battle City rules. Joey thinks he is doing well until his opponent manages to summon Exodia and then takes his Red-Eyes as the reward. Devastated, Joey doesn't turn up at the hospital and Serenity refuses to have the operation until Tristan finds her brother and brings him to her.
Joey: (Cradling his card) Isn't that right my little Red Eyes? Who's going to help me kick some major Kaiba-butt?" (kisses the card)
Joey: WHAT!!!! Haven't you ever seen a guy kiss his card before?"

(After Joey saw he only has one start chip and doesn't qualify)
Joey: WHAT!! One start chip, that Kaiba must have changed things.
Tea: It is kind of weird Joey didn't qualify.
Joey: Errrrr, what do you mean I am not qualify? I was the runner up in the duelist kingdom.
Guy that register people: What is this? My computer is malfunctioning, you actually have 4 star chips.
Joey: Hehe, let me see them, (after he sees them), ya!!!!

Tristan: I should be at the hospital too, just to back up Joey.
Tea: You just want to be a hero and impress Serenity.
(Tristan blushes)

Joey: "Why didn't that punk Kaiba invite me to his tournament?"
Triston: "Newsflash: Kaiba doesn't like you, Joey."

*After that Rare Hunter dstroys Joey's Red Eyes*

Rare Hunter: Ahh yes....the thrill of the kill. I want your Red Eyes Wheeler.
Joey: I'll get it (getting off the ground)
Rare Hunter: We like to get it by force
Joey: I SAID, I'LL GET IT!!! (then he is shoved/punched to the ground and his Red-Eyes is gone)

Store owner: (On Cell phone) Send the Rare Hunters, the boy with the Red-Eyes just left.

JOEY-What you can't be serious.You mean to tell me that rich punk Kaiba is throwing his own exclusive Deul Monsters tornament.
JOEY-I can't believe moneybaggs didn't send a invite to me I was runner up at Duelist Kingdom.

JOEY(At game store)-I'm just going to play dumb.
TRISTAN-Play dumb?

Store owner-I'm sorry Joey you only have one star so you don't quallify.
Joey(angrilly)-What Kaiba fixed those results.

"Buh-bye, Scapegoat, Hello Panther Attack!" ~Joey

Goofs and Nitpicks
  • Although the Rare Hunter only shows two copies of the Exodia series in his hand, the third copy is still on his Duel Disk.
  • It is frequently suggested that the ability to attack the opponent's life points directly is a new rule introduced for Battle City, but the rule was mentioned on at least one occasion during Duellist Kingdom.
  • The attacking life points rule was indicated in Duel Identity 2 when Yugi said that if he has no monsters out, Mai is free to attack his life pts directly.
  • Joey played Scapegoat in the monster card zone even though it was a magic card.
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