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Into the Hornet's Nest (1)


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Episode Number4
First AiredUNAIRED

Average Rating:8.64
Number of Votes Cast:11 
Episode Rank:89 
As the boat arrives at the Duellist Kingdom, all the duellists seem amazed by the huge size of the island. But as the duellists are amazed by the glory of the island, Tristan is concerned that he and Taya may be stopped as they get off the boat and be found out as stowaways. Fortunately, as the four friends get off of the boat, none of them are stopped to check their star chips.

As the four head off for Pegasus's castle, where all the duellists are supposed to meet, Yugi notices that Joey has caught a cold from trying to rescue the pieces of Exodia. Joey vows that he is going to get Weevil back for what he did, but, as he is talking, Taya spots Bakura hiding in the woods. Having seen him twice now, Taya is sure that she isn't seeing things, but no one in the group can understand why he always seems to be hiding from everybody.

As the duellists gather at Pegasus's castle, the general topic of conversation is Kaiba and the fact that he has dropped out of the tournament after being defeated by Yugi in a duel. However Yugi is more concerned about duelling Pegasus for the chance to rescue his Grandpa. At this point, Pegasus steps out onto the balcony of his castle to greet the competitors. He explains that the tournament will test their skills in new ways but that eventually one duellist will be crowned the King of Games.

Pegasus explains that each duellist has been given a duelling glove and two star chips, and that the aim of the tournament is to wager star chips on duels in order to win ten star chips. Once a duellist has ten star chips, they will be eligible to enter Pegasus's castle and duel him for the title of King of Games. However Pegasus warns the duellists that the arenas on the island have intriguing new rules that will have to be learnt and mastered in order to win. As the duellists begin to prepare their decks before the duelling starts in one hour's time, Pegasus is pleased to see that Yugi has taken the bait and come to the island.

Concerned that he isn't a good enough duellist to earn ten star chips, Joey decides to give Yugi back the star chip that he gave him, but Yugi insists that he keep it as he needs the prize money for his sister's operation. As fireworks light up the sky, signalling the start of the tournament, Yugi decides that he might as well begin by duelling Weevil. However as the group finds Weevil in the forest, he runs away from them, deep into the forest.

As Yugi follows his opponent, he wonders why Weevil seems so eager to run away when he knows that Weevil wants to duel him. However as the group catches up with Weevil, he taunts Yugi, explaining that he has fallen into the trap that Weevil had laid for him. But as Yugi vows to make Weevil pay for what he did on the boat, the ground beneath them begins to shake as the duelling arena rises from under ground.

As the two players prepare themselves for the duel, Weevil is confident about the match as he knows that he only has to risk one of his two star chips against Yugi's only chip. However when Yugi proposes an all-or-nothing duel, with Yugi's deck as a prize as a substitute for a second star chip, Weevil is perfectly happy to accept. As the two duellists prepare to duel, other duellists arrive to watch, amazed that they are getting to see Weevil and Yugi duel before the finals.

For his first move, Weevil plays the Killer Needle, but Yugi counters with the Mammoth Graveyard. But as Yugi's Mammoth attacks, what should have been a stalemate causes his monster to be destroyed. As Yugi wonders what could have happened, Weevil relishes in explaining that each arena is split into field types that match its surroundings and that in this case, the arena is part wasteland and part forest.

The different arena types give certain monster types a Field Power Bonus, causing their ATK and DEF to increase, and seeing as how Weevil's bug gets an FPB from the forest, it was stronger than Yugi's Mammoth. However as Weevil continues to gloat, Yugi comments that his Mammoth also receives an FPB from the wasteland, meaning that the attack was still a stalemate and that Weevil's Killer Needle will also be destroyed.

Amazed to learn that Yugi has managed to use the field power bonus to his advantage as well, Weevil warns Yugi that there are other surprise rules that he doesn't know about yet. As Weevil plays the Hercules Beetle, Yugi counters with the Feral Imp, powered up with the Horn of the Unicorn. But as his Imp attacks, the attack is deflected by the Beetle, which then destroys Yugi's monster, reducing his life points to 1350.

Weevil explains that any monster with an FPB has a resistance against magically enhanced attacks. As Yugi plays a monster face down, Weevil brings out his Basic Insect, powering it up with a Level 3 Laser Cannon and a Level 2 Power Boost. Weevil destroys Yugi's monster, but Yugi simply plays another, once again in defence mode.

Confident that he has Yugi on the run, Weevil decides to play a trap card, which will activate as soon as Yugi next attacks. But as he begins to gloat, believing that the match is certain to be his, Yugi decides to set up a trap of his own. As Weevil continues to play more bugs onto the field, Yugi is able to set up the cards needed for his trap without Weevil even noticing. As Weevil announces that he is playing his last insect onto the field, Yugi realises that the time has come to spring his trap.

Playing the Dark Magician in defence mode, Yugi successfully lures Weevil into attacking his favourite monster. But as Weevil's Basic Insect attacks, Yugi reveals his Mirror Force trap card, reflecting the attack back at Weevil and destroying all of his monsters, reducing his life points to 555. However as Yugi is confident that Weevil has no more monsters to play, Weevil reveals that he was in fact lying on that point. As he reveals that he still has one monster available to play, he warns Yugi that there is no way he will be able to stand against it.
  • The American version of the two-part Yugi V Weevil duel was combined into one episode called "The Ultimate Great Moth". All other countries received the epsiode in its two-part form.
  • Althought the two-part version of this episode has never been aired in the USA, the complete version is available on the second volume of the VHS/DVD collection, "Into the Hornet's Nest"
  • Quotes
    Weevil: I'm going to knock you out in one bug blitz creeg!

    (After Weevil toasts Gaia, Yami laughs his signature sweet laugh:)!)
    Weevil: Hey! Hey! What are you so happy about? STOP THAT SNICKERING!

    Tristian - "He's fast for a small guy!"
    Téa - "Maybe you're just slow for a big guy!"

    [correct quote]
    Weevil: I'm gonna take you out in one giant bug blitzkrieg!

    Tristan(paniking): Hey Tea, what if they find out that we sneak into the ship, why don't we just swim back right now?
    Tea: Errrrrrrr, we are in the middle of nowhere Tristan!!!! Just act natural.
    Tristan: Okay act natural.
    Guards: HEY!! Don't act so nervous around here, you are our guest!
    Tristan: YA, that's right, I am your guest.

    Joey: That's Yugi Moto. He defeated Seto Kaiba. And I'm his best friend. *points to Tea and Tristan* And these two are tresspassers!

    Goofs and Nitpicks
  • It shows the great moth's stats as 2600/2300 when they are realy 2600/2500.
  • On the video and DVD, Yugi has a flashback as to when Pegasus stole his Grandpa's soul. I the flashback, when Pegasus pulls back his hair to reveal the Millenium Eye, he's missing an eyebrow. It looks really weird.
  • Yugi calls the Burning Land magic card the Blazing Land magic card
  • when wevile has 5 mons on the feild if you look at the panle with his cards he has a sagi
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