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The Heart of the Cards


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Episode Information
Episode Number1
First AiredSeptember 29, 2001

Average Rating:8.89
Number of Votes Cast:28 
Episode Rank:79 
The episode begins with Joey dueling Yugi. Joey eventually loses. Then Yugi says that his grandpa has a really rare card. Kaiba over hears them and arrives at Yugi's grandpa's shop. Kaiba tries to trade for them but Yugi's grandpa wouldn't accept. When yugi and his friends go to the shop they fing his grandpa with Kaiba. When they arrive they found Kaiba ripping grandpa's Blue Eyes. Yugi's friends take his grandpa to the hospital while Yugi duels Kaiba. Kaiba begins by summoning Hitotsu Me Giant(1200/1000) in attack mode. Yugi counters with The Winged Dragon Guardian of the Fortress(1400/1200) and attacks his giant.(K 1800) Kaiba then played Saggi the Dark Clown(600/1500)and then tripled his clown's attack with Negative Energy and it destroyed Yugi's dragon. (Y 1600) After Kaiba destroyed 3 defense monsters Yugi played Gaia The Fierce Knight(2300/2100) and destroyed Saggi.(K 1300) Then Kaiba played the Blue Eyes White Dragon(3000/2500) and destroyed Yugi's Knight.(Y 900) Kaiba gets another Blue Eyes on the Field. Yugi was out of options so he stalled for time with his Swords of Revealing Light. Kaiba played Judge Man(2200/1500) in attack mode. Yugi countered with his Dark Magician(2500/2100) and attacked the Judge Man(K 1000). Kaiba grinning summoned his third Blue Eyes and destroyed the Dark Magician.(Y 400) Just before the Swords of Revealing Light faded Yugi drew the final piece of Exodia and won the duel
Kaiba: Draw your last pathetic card so I can end this Yugi!
Yami Yugi: My grandfather's deck has no pathetic cards, Kaiba. But it does contain the unstoppable Exodia!

Joey: Hey Kaiba, maybe we should duel sometime.
Kaiba: No thanks, I think I will have much more of a challenge playing solitaire.

Kaiba: You will fall before my superior monsters, Yugi.....

Kaiba: NO! How could I lose?!?! **pulling out hair***
Yami Yugi: If you really want to know, Kaiba...OPEN YOUR MIND!

Kaiba: "Exodia? It... it's not possible! No one's ever been able to call HIM!"

Goofs and Nitpicks
  • Gaia the Fierce Knight is referred to as Gaia the Dark Knight in this episode.
  • When Kaiba's Saggi destroyed Yugi's moster in defence mode, the monster that Yugi had played was Sangan, but he never used its effect to let him search his deck for a monster with an ATK of 1500 or less.
  • note with the sangan thing, in the show, it has a cape on, yet on the card, there's no cape. Same with the rebecca duel.
  • In the early episodes, monsters summoned after the activation of Swords of Revealing Light were immune to its effects, however this changed later on.
  • Correction: Sangan never had a cape, in the first episode, Sangan is destroyed and twirls round' and round', making it look like a cape, but in the Rebecca episode, it didn't have a cape either, that was just Celtic Guardian's Cape visible through the holographic projecor, his cape is on when sangan is destroyed, it is CELTIC GUARDIAN'S CAPE!
  • When Kaiba plays 'Negative Energy', he puts it on the table but he holds his hand over it. If you look closely, it hasn't been edited from the Japanese-style card to the American-styled card.
  • Correction: When seto plays "negative energy" he places his hand on the card, the english producers would not make an english card. They just couldn't fit the editing , so they left it a Japanese card; anyway, it was the first episode so they can't see everything at first. -submitted by: SteffenMC
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