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The Night Before


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Episode Information
Episode Number28
First AiredAugust 17, 2002

Average Rating:7.45
Number of Votes Cast:20 
Episode Rank:119 
As night falls on the Duelist Island, after learning who will they will be dueling the next day, everyone begins preparing for the coming day in different ways. While Mai tries to strengthen up her deck for her duel against Yugi, Joey drifts into a deep sleep about donuts. Tea, Bakura, and Triston are searching around the dueling platforms, determined to find out how Pegasus defeated Kaiba so easily earlier that day. After finding a hole in the wall that pointed to the spot where Kaiba's cards had been, they head off to the tower, which lined up with the hole. Meanwhile, Yugi has found the three cards with his grandfather, Kaiba, and Mokuba's souls trapped inside. They warn him that he must unlock the secret of his millenium puzzle and defeat Pegasus. Tea, Bakura, and Triston are caught by Pegaus, and sent to the shadow realm. But just before they are trapped forever, Bakura's dark Yami side returns, and erases everyone's minds and sends them back to the real world. Bandit Keith steals Joey's qualifying card and Yugi wakes up, realizing that it had all been a dream. But he knows that his grandfather was trying to tell him something in the dream, but he is unsure as to what the secret of the puzzle is, and he's running out of time.
Tristan:That Pegasus is as bogus as a 3 dollar bill.

Tristin: "I once spoke to a psychic, and she said I'd have a nice girlfriend within 6 months. It's been a year and not a single date."

Japanese Quote:
Bakura: (blindfolding walking up the rope)"I don't like this Triston. I'm scared.
Triston: (also blindfolded.) "Don't worry."
Bakura: "But even IF Tea falls down, with our eyes closed we can't catch her."
Triston: (moving faster) "That's why we have to move quickly! Stop talking, and keep moving!"
Bakura: "Don't push me!"

(Bandit Keith picks up Joey's card)
JOEY: HEY! Let go of that! (still dreaming) That's MY pizza...

Joey: (dreaming)Gigantic donuts!!!

When Triatan, Tea, and Bakura sneak into Peasus' room, they are caught by him.

Tristan: Pegasus, you sleezball!
Pegasus: You sneak into my room, and yet, I'm the sleezball?

Joey - "Gimme seconds of that cheese..."
Tristian - "Yea, and that ham..."
Joey - "And uh that weird jelly cake looking thing."
Téa - "If this were a duel munchers competition, you two would win."

Joey (dreaming) - "A berry and cream'd hit the spot right now...a glaze...and a DONUT! HM! hm..."

(Pegasus about to put Tristan, Bakura and Tea's soul in the Shadow Realm)

Pegasus: What's that? I sense a dark presence within your ring.
(Bakura transforms to Yami Bakura)
Yami Bakura: Change of plans!

(WHile climbing the tower)
Bakura: "Tristan, that's not the rope, that's my leg!"
Tristan: "Well, climb faster!"

It is actually
(Pegasus caught the gang in his sanctuary)
Gang: Pegasus!!!!!??!!
Tristan: How you know we were here!
Pegasus: Let's just say a little bird told me, it told me that it saw 3 guys climbing the castle walls.
Tristan: We are on to you Pegsy! We know you have been peeking on Kaiba's cards up here, the jig is up! Why won't you just admit it?
Pegasus: Hmmmmm, you sneak into my secret sanctuary and yet I am being accused of wrongdoing???????

Tea: Ya, don't snore.
Joey: I don't snore!
Tea: Joey, you keep us up half the night at the camp out.

Tea: We should get Yugi and Joey!
Tristan: No..let them rest, besides a herd of wild elephants won't wake Joey up.

Chanters: "Realm of Shadows in the twilight hour accept these souls and grant us power".

Krokeh [sic]: The matches are as followed: Mai Valentine and Yugi Moto...and Joey Wheeler and Bandit Keith
Joey: ALright!! Its pay-back time for keeping us in that cave!
Bandit Keith: Once I'm through with you, you'd wish you were back in that cave!

Yugi: Joey, we'd better get to bed. We'll need our rest if we're going to be in top shape for the tournament tomorrow.
Joey: Yuge, what's the point? I can't duel if I don't have one of them special Glory cards.
Yugi: Actually, Joey, this Glory of the King's Hand card belongs to you. Just think of it as an early birthday present!

Goofs and Nitpicks
  • A distant shot of the castle tower shows Joey, not Bakura, scaling the wall with Tea and Tristan.
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