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Face Off (3)


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Episode Information
Episode Number24
First AiredApril 20, 2002

Average Rating:8.11
Number of Votes Cast:19 
Episode Rank:104 
It seems like Yugi's hope is lost as Kaiba has managed to combine the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. But as Yugi draws the card that could be his last, he begins to see a way out of defeat. Playing the Karebo, the weakest monster card in the game, he begins to multiply it with a magic card creating an unstoppable defence.

As Kaiba attacks, the Karebo have multiplied into a defensive wall of hundreds of monsters, capable of stopping even the Blue Eyes' attacks. While Kaiba has the ultimate attack monster, Yugi has managed to create an ultimate defence to counter it. Not only that, but Yugi is beginning to spin a plan which will destroy Kaiba's Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon once and for all.

Using a trick from Kaiba's book, Yugi uses a Polymerisation card to create a combination monster. But rather than polymerising with one of his own monsters, Yugi uses the Living Arrow to fuse his Mammoth Graveyard with Kaiba's Blue Eyes. The combination of dead and living monsters causes the Dragon to begin decaying and lose its life points

Kaiba attacks once more, but the Karebo block the attack and continue to multiply. The Blue Eyes is down to only 900 attack points now and Kaiba is beginning to lose hope for ever rescuing his brother. Yugi calls forth his Celtic Guardian and attacks the Blue Eyes, wasting one of the decaying heads and reducing Kaiba's life points to 400. With the two duellists once again tied, it seems like Yugi could win the duel.

But Kaiba is not so willing to accept defeat. In an attempt to win, he backs up towards the castle wall positioning himself behind his Blue Eyes. He warns Yugi that the blast from an attack on the Blue Eyes could knock him off of the ledge and kill him. Yugi is in a stalemate, unable to win without risking destroying Kaiba at the same time. Yugi and Kaiba both have loved ones at stake, but Kaiba is the more ruthless, willing to risk anything to win.

Kaiba tells Yugi that the only thing to do is to surrender, but Yugi is not so sure. In order to make his decision easier, Kaiba uses Reborn the Monster to revive the lost Blue Eyes head. Now with one head at full strength, Kaiba is able to destroy Yugi on his next turn unless he has the willpower to attack Kaiba. A battle of consciences rages between the two Yugis. As the duellist Yugi orders the Celtic Guardian to attack, Taya pleads for Yugi to stop. Just as the Guardian is about to strike, normal Yugi prevails and shouts for it to stop.

Kaiba begins to gloat as he attacks the Celtic Guardian, wasting both it and Yugi's remaining life points. Yugi breaks down and begins to cry as his only chance to save his grandpa is torn away from him. Taya tries to comfort him but he tells her that he is scared of the other presence inside of him and that he will never duel again. Meanwhile Pegasus is notified of the duel's outcome and authorises Kaiba's entry into the castle. With Yugi's spirit broken, Pegasus no longer has to worry about the only duellist truly capable of beating him.
  • From this episode onwards, new episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! were first being aired in a dubbed format on the UK channel Nickelodeon, however the dates quoted for the first airing are taken from the KidsWB broadcasts to avoid confusion.
  • In the dubbed version, Kaiba said that the blast would knock him off the edge of the the castle, but in the original Japanese version Kaiba threatened to jump off if Yugi ordered the attack.
  • Quotes
    Kaiba: "Those annoying creatures just keep coming!"
    Yu-Gi-Oh: "You may have made the ultimate attack, but I have made an army of furry defenders."

    the real quote is...
    Yugi: "You may have made the ultimate attack monster, but I have created the ultimate defense. An ever-expanding army of furry protectors. They may not look like much, but they've stopped your dragon in its tracks. For now i go on the attack...)

    Yami Yugi:Heart of the cards guide me
    Yami Yugi:Lets finish this Kaiba

    Yami Yugi: (After he sees what Kaiba is doing which is to suicide if Yugi orders the attack) KAIBA, I HAVE never back away from a duel and I won't start now, go, atack, CELTIC GUARDIAN!!!!!!!

    It is actually
    Kaiba: Surrender now, Yugi, unless you have the courage to unleash your attack.
    Yami: KAIBA, I have never back away and I am not going to start now, go Celtic Guardian, attack!
    Tea: No Yugi, you can do this, this isn't like you.
    Yugi(thinking): She is right, I can't do this. (Outloud) STOP!!!!!!!!!

    "Yeah, keep foolin' yourself, Kaiba! Yugi's twice the man you'll ever be!!" - Joey

    Tea: He spared you! which is more than you deserve!......and what do you have, Seto Kaiba? At the end of the day what do you have? tell me! TELL ME!
    Kaiba: errrrr, I have all that I need!

    Kaiba: A Kuriboh? I'm surprised a real duelist keeps one in their deck!

    Tea's whole speech:
    Tea: I'm sorry about your grandpa, Yugi. But you couldn't hurt another person, not even to save him. He wouldn't want to be saved that way.
    Kaiba: Then I guess he got what he wanted. If Yugi had done what needed to be done, he would be entering the castle and not me. He was too weak to follow through on his play.
    Tea: He spared you! Kaiba, he showed you compassion, which is more than you deserve!
    Kaiba: He lost the game.
    Tea: The game? Yugi may have lost one lousy Duel Monster's game but at least he hasn't lost his heart. Not like you, Seto Kaiba. You've spent so much tikme with your machines that you've forgotten what being human's about! Yugi has a heart, Kaiba. Yugi has us- friends that will stand with him to the end no matter whether he wins or loses some lousy game. And what do you have, Seto Kaiba? What do you have at the end of the day? Tell me. Tell me!
    Kaiba: I have all that I need!

    Tea's Speech (Japanese Version)
    Kaiba: You lost Yugi.
    Tea: You're wrong. Yugi didn't lose.
    Kaiba: What?
    Tea: It's you who lost! You lost because you wanted to give up your most important card, your life card! You're always supposed to protect your life card, but you wanted to give it away and Yugi had to protect your's for you!

    Yami Yugi:Heart of the cards guide me.
    Yami Yugi:Lets finish this Kaiba!

    That quote is actually said at the very end of Face Off Part 2

    Goofs and Nitpicks
  • Yugi put down Kuribo in attack mode, but later Kaiba says "with all your Kuribos in defence mode, I coudn't touch them..." What's up with that?
  • When the ATK of the BEUD is reduced for the third time, the DEF is quoted as 2500, the DEF of a Blue-Eyes White Dragon not a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.
  • Actually about that Kuribo thing its actually easy to understand because in defense mode yugi's Life points would'nt be taken away until all the kuribo were in attack mode
  • When the Celtic Guardian destroyed Blue eyes Ultimate Dragons head, And Kaiba ressurected it using Monster Reborn Why'd he have to wait a turn to attack
  • A note on the Kuriboh thing, in the real card game, when Multiply is used, it puts them all into defense automatically.
  • The Kuriboh thing is easy to Understand If you were listening. Yugi said that since the kuriboh were in attack mode, you have to destroy all of them to inflict damage to the lifepoints. do you get it now?
  • Kaiba says that Kuribo is the weakest monster in Duel Monsters. Not true, two weaker cards that come to mind are Thousand Eyes Idol (0/0) and The Unhappy Maiden (0/100). Neither of those cards have special effects, although TEI can be fused with Relinquished.
  • actually, the unhappy maiden does have an effect, when its attacked that battle phase ends immdiately
  • about those monsters that are weaker then kuribo the shield garnad 100/2600{}
  • Tea, Joey etc. kept going on about how Kaiba was a sleezeball and was heartless and such. During the duel, Kaiba TOLD that he was doing this to rescue Mokuba. Why did they say he was heartless if they knew he was trying to rescue his brother?! And in Champion Vs. Creator (1) they're surprised that Kaiba is doing so much to help Mokuba, when they already know that!!!!!
  • CORRECTION" Well, firstly, how were Yugi and his friends supposed to know that Kaiba was there for his brother when he was blocking their entrance? That would make Kaiba a Jerk just to tell Yugi "duel me now!" when Yugi clearly stated that he didn't have to....So yes, he is a sleezball in this case. But yes, they shouldn't have been surprised in Champ. v Creator -Submitted by: SteffenMC
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