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Double Trouble Duel (1)


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Episode Information
Episode Number19
First AiredMarch 16, 2002

Average Rating:7.54
Number of Votes Cast:13 
Episode Rank:117 
Yugi and his friends tried to push off the boulder, but they couldn't. Suddenly, Bakura's ring glow and it point the way. Yugi and his friends follow the direction the ring is pointing then they encounter Para and Dox known as the Paradox brothers.

They announced that they have to duel together,then Yugi transform to Yami Yugi. Then Yami Yugi picked Joey to be his partner, then they also announced that if one duelist lose all 200 life points, the other person loses also.

The Paradox brothers started by playing Labyrinth Wall which turns the field into a maze. But the catch is that the opponents' monsters can only move the number of steps corresponding to the level of the monster.

Then Yami Yugi plays Beaver Warrior and it took six steps.

Then Dox played Shadow Ghoul polymerize with Labyrinth Wall to make Wall Shadow which can glide on the walls and can strike anytime. Then it kill Beaver Warrior lowering Yugi's hp to 1600.

Then Joey plays the Axe Raider and one card face down.

Now it's Yugi's turn and he plays Celtic Guardian in attack mode.

Then Para tells Wall Shadow to attack Celtic Guardian, but then Joey reveal his faced down card which was Kunai with Chain, now when the Kunai with Chain is active, Yugi and Joey's Monsters get 600 more attack points. Then Celtic Guardian destroy Wall Shadow, leaving Dox with 1800 hps left.

Then Dox played Labyrinth Tank and Jurai Gimo a monster that lays his spider web on the labyrinth floor and whoever steps on the floor with the Jirai Gimo web symbol, that monsters get destroy by Jirai Gimo.

  • From this episode onwards, new episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! were first being aired in a dubbed format on the UK channel Sky One, however the dates quoted for the first airing are taken from the KidsWB broadcasts to avoid confusion.
  • Quotes
    Para: A good choice, a rat for a maze.
    Dox: But his times running out, this is the last of his days

    Taya: Okay guys, teamwork from now on.
    Tristen: Yeah, we'll be the team, you do the work!

    Bacura's running down a dark passage, looking at his millenium ring.
    Bacura: My millenium Ring is pulling in this direction.
    Joey: Well tell it to pull slower!

    Para : Shadow wall Attack celtic guardian now!!!

    Joey: "Bingo! Worked like a charm! Para's the liar and Dox tells the truth. Now Yugi just has to ask Dox which door leads out of here and we're set."

    Yugi thinks to himself "Hmm... I don't know. That seemed a little too easy."

    Joey: "Yo Yug'. How 'bout a little something for the effort here."

    Yugi: "I hate to disappoint you Joey but I don't think we've solved this riddle just yet. In fact, I think we're going down the wrong road ourselves - so to speak."

    Joey: "But I told you Yug' I heard this one before."

    Yugi: "Your riddle has some things in common with our present predicament but there are some key differences. And trust me Joey those key differences change the entire nature of the problem."

    Joey: "Huh?"

    Yugi: "In your riddle there was only one person to question at the crossroads. But in our situation we have two, Para and Dox. Now both Para and Dox have told us the exact same thing. One of them will speak nothing but the truth, and the other will speak nothing but lies. But there's a problem with that already. Because if they were, as they said, one truth teller and one liar, the liar could never admit to it. That would be telling the truth. The only way they could both make that statement is if they were both lying. And that means we can't trust either Para, Dox, or their riddle."

    Joey: "Wow. My brain hurts."

    Joey: Okay yous Brothers ParaDox, me an' Yugi are gonna clean your clocks!

    Tea" "You think someone could be living down here?"
    Joey: "They'd have to be mole poeple!"

    You have entered sacred grounds,
    where only duelists can be found.
    before you pass accross this chamber,
    you must agree to face the danger.
    so let the contest now begin,
    notify your next of kin.
    your trapped and the doors are all locked,
    you face the brothers paradox!
    employed by Pegasus as eliminators,
    to take all your star chip indicators.
    and if by some crazy fluke you manage to win,
    why then a puzzling new test shall begin.
    for over my shoulder you see a door,
    and over my brothers you see one door more.
    the test a choice that you must make,

    Para: One hint for the riddle: One of us will speak nothing but the truth
    Dox: And the other, nothing but lies

    Goofs and Nitpicks
  • When Pegasus is watching Yugi, Joey, Tristan, tea, and Bakura on his screen, and Bakura is leading them, that isn't actuyally Bakura. You can tell that it's Yami Bakura who's leading them, not Bakura.
  • When Axe Raider steps on Jirai Gumo's space, Dox calls it the Landmine Spider, which is its Japanese name.
  • When they were in the maze, and Pegasus was watching them, the screen showed the labyrith wall and yugi and joey dueling the paradox brothers, but that hasnt happened yet!
  • Labyrinth Tank is a Fused Monster but Dox played it as a Regular Monster instead.
  • Jirai Gumos Attack/Defense were shown incorrectly instead if it being 2100/1000 it should have been 2200/100.
  • Beaver Warrior took 6 steps into the maze but it is a level 4 so how could it move 2 extra steps?
  • Wall Shadow was fused with the Labyrinth Wall, so why wasn't the wall destroyed when the Wall Shadow was destroyed by Celtic Guardian?
  • CORRECTION: According to the Official Yu-Gi-Oh site, whenever Bakura's ring activates, his evil spirit or Yami spirit takes over. In the scene where Bakura is leading his friends, his ring activated and therefore his Yami side was released. However, even when the ring activates, his friends seldom notice his dark side.
  • Correction: Beaver Warrior only took 4 steps forward.
  • When Wall Shadow attacked the Celtic Gaurdian, Joey says "My Celtic Gaurdian." He hadn't played the Celtic Gaurdian, Yami-Yugi did.
  • Analysis

    Cultural References

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