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The Scars of Defeat


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Episode Information
Episode Number16
First AiredFebruary 9, 2002

Average Rating:6.85
Number of Votes Cast:13 
Episode Rank:128 
Pagasus is in a meeting with his council of unknown people who want Pegasus to overtake Kaiba's company. They ask Pagasus what happened earlier that day with Mokuba, and Pegasus says everything's under control. It is also revealed now that only Pegasus can see these people through the millenium eye, so they must not really be in the room with him. Meanwhile, Kaiba is flying to the duelist kingdom with a helicopter, and he explains to us that he wants to save his brother. He lands right where Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Baccura, and Taya are sleeping. Actually, Yugi and Baccura are talking about Baccura's millenium ring, and they realize that it points to other millenium items. Kaiba tries to evade Yugi, but Joey insults him, and challenges him to a duel. Kaiba agrees, but only if they use his company's new holographic technology. Joey agrees as well. This new system is a small device that you download your cards into, then place on your hand. While playing, it spawns a very realistic duel monster or whatever card, making in very real loooking, especially sence its not surrounded by an arena. But, Joey does terrible against Kaiba, and loses quickly, and due to the realism of the fight, his courage is lost. Yugi and company get mad at Kaiba for staining Joey's confidence just when he staretd believeing in himself, but Kaiba heads toward the castle, ready to try and defeat Pegasus in a match. Kaiba flashes back to when he watched Pegasus duel a person, and he predicted every move he made with the millenium eye. It was the same way when Yugi battled him over the video tape before they came to the Duelist Kingdom. Yugi and company go back to sleep, ready for a fresh new morning for dueling.
"Don't bother me! Go find an opponent you can actually beat, like an infant, or a monkey" -Kaiba

"Errrg!" - Joey

"That monkey crack gets him every time!" - Tristan

Joey " Set the card, spin the disk and whola."

Kaiba: I have created the ultimate dueling device known to man!
Joey: Looks like a normal briefcase to me.
Kaiba: It's in the briefcase you moron!

(Kaiba's helecopter lands near where Yugi and his friends are sleeping, blowing wind in their faces.)
Joey: "Hey, you jerk! Some of us are trying to sleep!"

Kaiba activates his disk.
Tristan-Whaoah! It's rainning glitter!
Téa-Yeah! It's like something from an enchanted dream...(Battle Ox appears)Eww! Or a nightmare!

(Joey was pushed onto the ground by Kaiba)
Bakura-"Check his pulse, Yugi!"

Kaiba:" Let me show you some of the more advanced moves of the game. Mystic Horseman and Battle Ox fuse to make Rabid Horseman!"

(At the flashback scene when Pegasus get the little kid to duel Bandit Keith)

Pegasus: psssssst(then writes down a note)

Bandit Keith: HEY!!!!! You can't ask for help!!!!

Pegasus: I am not asking for help, I want to show everybody that even a little kid can beat you

Little Kid: wait, I just start playing last week

Pegasus: Just follow what the note says.

(Bandit Keith plays a card down)

Little kid: Uhhhh, it says here when you play this card, I am supposed to play this card, and i think I just drained all your life points.

Bandit Keith(surpried): WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one one makes a joke out of Bandit Keith. (Then Bandit Keith reads the note that Pegasus wrote): WHAT!!!! MY strategy, it is all here, everything, what I am about to play.

It is actually
Joey: Hey, some of us are trying to get a little shut eye here, you insensitive jerk!!!!!!!!

Joey(getting pissed at Kaiba): That's right, I am talking to you, running away.
Yugi: Watch it Joey, Kaiba was rank one of the top duelists.
Joey: Ya, he WAS one of the top duelist but ever since Yugi mopped up the floor with you, you can't put a trap card down without flinching!!!!!!!

Kaiba-"I'm not here to win some silly prizes. I'm here to save my brother."

Yugi: Here Kaiba, I have your deck. I've been....keeping it warm for you!
Kaiba: Thank you Yugi.

Kaiba: (After Battle Ox is on the field) You see? My holographic system allows us to see the monsters as if they were real.
Joey: **waves his hand near his nose** Ya, and you got the smell right too!

Goofs and Nitpicks
  • Kaiba says that Pegasus has one of every card, but that isn't true as there are only four copies of Blue-Eyes and Pegasus doesn't have any of them.
  • As Kaiba's plays the Mystic Horseman, he is wearing a duelling glove.
  • The flashback to the Intercontinental Championship duel between Pegasus and Bandit Keith joins the duel as it is coming to a close, however neither duel has any cards in there weren't any cards in either player's graveyard!
  • In the flashback, Keith's Garnecia Elifantis gets beaten by a card with much lower attack than it.
  • They show Mokuba saying "Big Brother" inside a soul card, but Pegasus hasn't trapped Mokuba's soul yet.
  • Kaiba doesn't HAVE a dueling glove. That's why he wasn't wearing it.
  • When the Flame Swordsman attacked the Battle Ox, it was destroyed. Then joey lost 200 life points. How could that happen since the Flame Swordsman is 100 points stronger?
  • Flame Swordsman was beaten by Battle Ox because (in the show) Battle Ox has a resisance against fire, so Battle Ox's attack must have increased because of the type advantage (Or the Flame Swordman's decreased).
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